Personal Training in Derby


  • Friendly, knowledgeable, very reasonable with his prices and understands that everyone has different lifestyles and work commitments and fits the sessions and nutrition around your life, not the other way.  Unlike trains I've had in the Past, ill be sticking with Mark.
    Gemma D
  • I have lost 4 & half stone, have more muscle and more confidence in how to train and eat properly. I even enjoy going to the gym, something you would never of thought that if you met me six months ago - what more can I say, Mark knows what he is doing!
    Dave H
  • I have enjoyed my sessions with Mark very much, I've lost 3 stone so far.  I have tried different diets over the years but have never done this well, and the best thing is I don't need to be on a silly diet that makes me miserable.  I'm healthier, lighter, more toned and fitter. I have friends that have seen my results and have started having sessions with Mark, all are very pleased.
  • When i first met Mark he was very enthusiastic and made me believe i could achieve anything! I Have lost over eight stone in 4 months and i feel great! I've lost weight, improved my fitness, and most importantly increased my self confidence. I look forward to every session i have with Mark because it's very enjoyable and at the end of it you know you've worked very hard. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to lose weight or just improve there general fitness his training methods are just brilliant and the results are great!
    Alan Simpson
  • I have had Mark as a personal trainer now for over 6 months and every session is fantastic and never the same. Mark is very approachable and knowledgeable about lots of sports.  He has helped me in my kickboxing to achieve better results in my grading’s. I would highly recommend Mark to any one it's defiantly the best thing I've done to improve my fitness and well being.
  • I trained with Mark for three months before taking the test to join the Royal Marines known as the Parental Royal Marines course which is a three day physical test. Thanks to Mark's training programs he set me and Esperance not only did I pass first time but got the fastest time on the assault course on that course. I would recommend Mark to anyone trying to gain entry into a job that requires a physical test.
    Tom Richards
  • I have tried to lead a healthy lifestyle since acquiring diabetes. When doctors advised me that I may need to take medication to lower my cholesterol I began training with Mark on a regular basis. Not only did my fitness improve but so did my health and I managed to lower my cholesterol without taking further medication. Thanks to Mark I now understand the importance and benefits of keeping fit.
    Lucy Ashton
  • I have had Mark as a personal trainer for a few months now. I have not only found him to be approachable and professional but also able to motivate me to achieve way beyond what I thought was possible and my fitness has improved exponentially. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone seeking to improve their fitness and their overall well being.
    Thomas Harrop
  • I have been training with Mark now for over 3 months and would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to improve their general fitness, tone and well being. His skills and knowledge seem to be endless. He is professional, approachable, has a wealth of knowledge, super fit and leads by example! Mark supplies endless motivation and encouragement to help you achieve you goals.
    Emma Hollingworth