Strive Strength and Conditioning

Strive – Fitness and conditioning is designed for those that are after more than just your average fitness and personal training. This is for those that have a good level of fitness but want more and the right person to train them. Mark is not only a highly qualified personal trainer & nutritionist, but also an Ex-Royal Marine. Training and conditioning himself and others to a level most can only dream of, using techniques and experience given to him over his life time.

Who would strive fitness training and conditioning suit:-

  • Anyone that is already at a good level of fitness and wishes to builds upon it
  • Anyone looking to Tough Mudder assault courses/related events or improve on previous attempts.
  • Anyone who wishes to join the forces / services and would like to be ahead on the fitness level
  • Anyone looking for hard-core training

So why is Mark the trainer to take you to the next level? Well let’s look at what it takes to become a Royal Marines Commando…

The Royal Marines are widely regarded as one of, if not the, most highly trained forces in the world. In order to be awarded the coveted Green Beret, you have to prove your determination, self-confidence, discipline and above all a very high level of physical fitness.

To be awarded the coveted Green Beret each marine must pass 4 commando tests at the end of their 30 weeks training.

  1. A six-mile endurance course which is a series of tunnels including a short-water tunnel followed by a four-mile run back to Commando Training Centre Royal Marines
  2. A nine mile speed march in 90 minutes carrying full fighting kit and rife. Speed marching is a combination of running and marching.
  3. The Tarzan Assault course, the Tarzan course is a high obstacle confidence course with the 400m Assault course after, they have 13 minutes to complete it which means they have to go flat out the whole way round again carrying full kit and 9lb weapon.
  4. The 30 mile speed march starts at the north end of Dartmoor and finishes near Plymouth. Recruits have eight hours to complete this test and will carry approx 40lbs of equipment.

The recruits can fail any of the above tests during the week.  If so they are given one chance at the end of the week to complete the test failed and if not passed they will be back trooped.

The pass percentage of recruits passing out in their original troop or even making it, is on average 10%. For example, Mark was 1 of 8 originals at the end of week 30, starting on week 1 with 55 men. This makes Mark and individuals like him the best at knowing how to get the best out of a person in their physical training to reach their individual fitness goals.